Project Idea

Concept: I am making a modified video game controller that will make video games easier to play for physically disabled gamers.

Problem: There are many gamers in the world of all ages, shapes, and sizes in the world.  For some gamers, playing games is not as simple as just picking up the controller, and just playing.  For gamers with physical disabilities that can severely hamper their ability to enjoy video games, options are generally pretty limited.  Current alternatives to standard controllers can be too simple to fit the needs of severely physically disabled gamers, can be very expensive, or can be extremely complex, and extremely cumbersome to move around.

Solution: My solution to this problem is the controller that I will make for physically disabled gamers.  The goal of the controller is to fit the needs of those who are afflicted by severe physical disabilities, and also to not be over-cumbersome or unnecessarily complicated with abstract parts (mouth blowing pieces, eye movement sensors, etc.).  Ultimately the controller will be able to used by those who have difficulties with a normal controller, but will also be very convenient without being overly complex.

Audience: The audience for this project is physically disabled gamers and the gaming industry as a whole.

Fresh Perspectives: This project addresses the theme of fresh perspectives by stepping into someone else’s shoes and trying to solve the problem addressed above by looking through a different lens.