My mentor, Mrs. Carbone, is a special education teacher at Pomperaug Elementary School (PES) in Southbury, Connecticut.  She has helped me to better understand physical disabilities and their challenges.  She has also helped me to better understand the different kinds of technology physically disabled students use to complete everyday tasks.  Part of understanding the technology is learning about how to use it, and what challenges come with using it.  After visiting PES I was able to view students using this technology and was able to take note of some of its shortcomings.  One of the things that was extremely useful to take notes on for the purposes of my project was the modified computer mouse that the students have to use.  This was useful because it lined up nicely with my project, a game controller.  I was able to note what the students liked and disliked with the mouse, and I was able to integrate that feedback into my project.  Overall, her insight was very helpful for my project.