Data Collection

Unfortunately, I was not able to collect any data.  This is due to roadblocks with my projects and some personal matters that I had to attend to throughout the project process.  I did however, have a detailed plan for data collection which I will present here.

The main idea was for my participant to play games with a standard industry controller, and my modified Easy Play controller.  The game I was going to use was the original Super Mario Bros.  He would only play the first level for the purposes of the experiment to prevent data discrepancies.  I would then record the amount of time it took him to complete the level, the amount of score he was able to gain, and the amount of lives lost/game overs.  I would record all of this for the first play through with the standard controller, and the second play through with the Easy Play controller.  If time permitted, I would try to perform multiple trials of this to allow for satisfactory quantitative data collection.  I would then compare and contrast the data from both play throughs to determine if my Easy Play controller truly was a better alternative.

I also planned on collecting qualitative data through surveys.  After each play session, I would have my participant take a survey to rate his experience with the standard and Easy Play controllers.  There was also a pre-survey to gauge my participant’s experience and interest with gaming and gaming controllers.  The surveys will be available below.